December 26, 2012

Winter Wonderland without Snow

Winter Wonderland without Snow.

Dear readers, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time with your family and your closest friends. I had a great time with my family in my hometown with a lot of delicious food and coziness. I took some photos of one of my Christmas outfits. And as you can guess from the photos, it is not very chilly here, at the moment.  There is almost a pre-springtime feeling because of the high temperature :p
In the next post, I am going to show you some of the new items that I got as a gift.

Lace Dress.Asos. Pilot Jacket.Michael Kors. Boots.My sister's & there is no name on it. Watch.Casio.


  1. Like the Boots (:
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  2. Just lovely! =)
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  3. I totally love your boots! xx

    - Victoria