September 28, 2012

Electric Yellow

Electric Yellow.

Ok, usually I would say that the colour yellow belongs to hot summer days when you are tanned and wearing only colourful clothes. I love the autumn, I really do, but during window shopping I am thinking "Omg, why are all these shops so depressing?!" in most of the cases. Usually, you only see darker colours, but why...? Anyway, my advise is - especially during the rainy autumn period - that you should add some colour to your outfit. And yellow matches perfectly with darker colours like army green, grey or black.

xx Julia

Nail polish.Maybelline Colorama.


  1. i love this colour too! so cheery and bright! u have nice style :) xx

  2. I actually just bought some yellow nail polish, and I am addicted to wearing it! It brightens up my boring school uniform >.<

    Can we follow each other, btw? :)

  3. Amazing post! Your blog is lovely!

  4. Thank you for reading my blog :) xx